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Yugo - Fik De Nacht

"From the burning ruins of the former Yugoslavia, ex-gangsters profiteering during the political unrest using the funds from their last big score to purchase musical equipment they took their brand of so-called "SUPER-POP" on the road. Singing in German to reach the wider audience, give it up for the band that's taking the new world by storm... Yugo."

Tongue-in-cheek performance art synth pop.

(Includes a live recording of a performance for the Halifax Burlesque Society.)

01. Fik de Nacht (VFX)
02. Metro Horror Droges Army (VFX)
03. Metro Horror Droges Army (Live)


Paul is the man!

Sand! -> Silicon! -> Computers! -> Music!

We love Paranerd, because he makes music out of sand.


How crazy is that??!

Anyway, we're proud to release his new EP, Robot Bank Appreciation.

Three New Releases!


We have just unveiled three refreshing new netreleases. Lots of good stuff, and a huge range of styles, from Deemah's glitchy tech-lectro, to Sleepy Rabbit's druggy nachtmusik, to Errand Boy's cut-up melancholy.

Check them out:

Sleepy Rabbit - A Single Little Elephant EP

Deemah - Sterilized / Semantics single

Errand Boy - Bachelor of Commerce

Upcoming Releases


Paranerd from Moncton

Deemah, from Halifax


Errand Boy, from Torbay, NL!

new digs

hey folks, how you like the new digs?

have a look around... listen to awesome music... leave comments...